Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Energy of a Space

Everything is energy, therefore "energetic."  Imagine the world and everything in it composed of vital energy or a life force which vibrates at different frequencies.  This energy moves through space and around every living being, having originated from the sun, the earth and the air.  When the energy is dense, we can see it.  More fluid, less dense, ephemeral energy, often touches us without conscious awareness of how we have been touched by it.  Some of us are more inclined to sensing this more ephemeral energy, while others can learn to tune in to this energy.

I sometimes enter a garden, or a home, or an urban space, or a forest, or a cathedral and I can strongly feel the energy of the space.  Look at these images for example:

Looking through this obscured doorway invokes my curiosity.  My energy level rises as I wonder what is on the other side, and I am drawn through the portal.

This natural scene is peaceful, serene and contemplative.  My energy level relaxes and I feel soothed.

This lively city space is high energy; I feel activity in every corner of the space.
 It is important to take this energy into consideration when getting to know a space and planning for its transformation.  The space will have an existing energy inherited from the existing plants, wildlife, furnishings and surfaces.  It will also bear the energy of former residents, and past events that took place in the space.  This energy may be beneficial and should be retained to add to the garden transformation.  Other energy, such as neglect or harshness should be transformed.  

It is also important to consider the future intended energy to occupy the space.  Is the space intended for entertainment and activity?  Or is it instead intended for finding peace after a busy day of life.  The elements that we bring into the future garden should reflect the intended future energy.  Although we do not naturally understand a space in such terms, we are affected by it whether we recognize the effect or not.  Each garden that I get to know and create anew receives such consideration during my design process.  It is equally important as the aesthetics and the functionality as it is essential to the excellence of both of these realms.

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