Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Jewel Garden

I'm currently installing a small, enclosed garden for a friend.  I've called it the "Jewel Garden" because small spaces allow a bit of luxury for details, and details are intended for this little space.  This garden has been envisioned and re-envisioned multiple times, and I think that the final revision suits the space quite well!  

Somehow as I design and get to know as space, it speaks to me of it's possibilities  and of what might suit it authentically.  I've never situated faux doors before, but this garden told me that they would make all the difference.  The fencelines in this space bothered me so much.  The back fence changes levels, you can see neighboring fences, and the material is uninteresting.  So I made the suggestion to add "doors" to the back fenceline to my friend, and he accepted the suggestion.  Now that the doors have been placed, I'm so happy to have them; they add so much to the design.  

I am helping with the construction, and so far we've proceeded as follows:
  1. demo existing elements that were not to remain
  2. rough grade site
  3. install irrigation, fountain and focal point
  4. build small, undulating, natural stone retaining wall
  5. build small natural stone patio 
  6. install lighting
The next step is the planting, and I'm quite excited.  Planting is my favorite part and always makes everything prettier and somehow come together.  I'll post before and after photos on my website, but for now, here are a couple of glimpses of construction photos.

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