Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our current top 10 favorite plants

You all know that we are plant lovers at Botany, and you’ve all probably heard us say that we’ve included our favorite plant in your design. But, truth be known, we love plants too much to be faithful to just one. So here is our current top 10 list:

1.Chondropetalum tectorum/ Cape Rush: Both drought tolerant and can live in water. When it fills out and has many upward, tall, weeping stems it's the most graceful of all plants.

2.Euphorbia characias wulfenii/ NCN: Starts to wake up in early Spring and it’s so frilly and cheery when it does.

3.Leonotis leonurus/ Lion’s Tail: Gives height and structure in the garden, and lovely orange color when everything else is getting sleepy.

4.Echeveria secunda glauca/ Hen and Chicks: Refreshing cool blue color, adorable rosettes, and spreads easily with minimal care. Gorgeous en masse.

5.Cestrum nocturnum/ Night Jessamine: We love fragrance in the garden, and this shrub with inconspicuous flowers powerfully fills the night air with fragrance. Plant it near a window for summer evenings scented with sweet, sultry air.

6.Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea': Creeping Jenny, with it's bright yellow color and cute rounded leaves, it is the best plant for spilling out of pots or contrasting with larger-leafed, colorful plants.

7.Heuchera: Cooperative and offers a wide color range with its foliage to complement so many types of plantings.

8.Woodwardia fimbriata: A California native, this delicate but tough 3' fern can take a good bit of direct sun and reduced water after it's established.

9.Cordyline x 'Jurred': This plant is duly named 'Festival Grass' as it appears to be having a party all by itself. You might be fooled into thinking that it's a Phormium, but if you look more closely you'll notice the way the leaves arch more gracefully than a Phormium and that the color is a deep, rich red. While we love Phormiums, no Phormium can pull this off!

10.Myers Lemon: The form of a Myers Lemon can be so beautifully round and perfect without any snipping whatsoever, and the fruit it bears is so wonderfully tasty. There is nothing like having a fruit orchard in your back garden!

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